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Get Ready for Intermodal Europe

Nov 1, 2019

Intermodal Europe is an annual business and networking event that aims to connect companies in the container shipping and intermodal transport industry. It’s also one of the best opportunities to be exposed to over 6,000 global container professionals, conduct in-person sales transactions, increase your brand exposure, and strengthen ties with industry peers.

Why Attend Intermodal Europe? 

This year’s event will be held in Hamburg Messe from November 5-7, 2019

The world’s most prominent players in the shipping and freight industry will be present during the three-day run, looking to learn more about how they can serve customers better or create new business connections for industry progression and innovation. 

Enjoy the following benefits: 

  •         Network with over 140+ leading suppliers from around the world
  •         Explore new products and services
  •         Attend free high-quality talks from key industry speakers
  •         Learn the latest technology making waves in the industry
  •         Finalize deals with a pool of 6,000+ senior buyers
  •         Grow your global network
  •         Make smart investment moves

Featured Speakers 

Take a look at some of the featured speakers who will be leading talks at this year’s Intermodal Europe. 

Cory Brennan

Regional Simplex Sales Manager, Globalstar Europe Satellite Services

Cory Brennan will discuss the role of satellite communications in the IoT and Big Data ecosystem of shipping containers, as well as the operational importance of transmitting IoT data without interruption regardless of location. 

Lissa D’Arcy

Solutions Integration Manager, Emerson Commercial and Residential Solutions

Lissa D’Arcy is excited to talk about identifying the role of analytics in developing practical solutions in the cold chain. Her goal is to optimize existing or establish new value streams that offer tangible benefits in the complicated shipping ecosystem. 

Sean Fitzgerald

CEO, Maersk Container Industry (MCI)

Taking into consideration the technologies that have been evolving in the container freight market, Sean Fitzgerald aims to discuss the transformation of his company from a traditional container and machine manufacturer to a dedicated cold chain reefer OEM that’s solely focused on cargo care, connectivity, and related services. 

Jack Mar

CEO, Star Solutions

Jack Mar’s talk will be centered on intermodal IoT applications, so shipping lines that want to deploy solutions at sea can continually be monitored and controlled.      

Thorsten Sickenberger

Co-leader: Mobility & Transportation, d-fine

Highlighting business efficiency, Thorsten Sickenberger wants to dig deeper into how machine learning can be used to improve track-and-trace solutions and ETA calculations in shipments to better serve customers, maximize operational budget, and create better business strategies moving forward. 

Alessandro Vaglini

Chief Business Officer, NGS Sensors

The internet has created a significant impact in the way the logistics industry operates. Alessandro Vaglini aims to discuss the future of logistics in relation to the widespread adoption of internet usage. This discussion is at the core of supply chain management and mainly focuses on the digitization of intermodal logistics. 

Willy Yeo

Director of Marketing, Carrier Transicold

Willy Yeo’s conference will specialize in global container refrigeration and how new technologies are creating an impact on the transport of perishable goods. There will be a discussion on which techniques are best for companies working in this subsection of logistics to deploy. 

Showcase Your Company 

If you’re in the container shipping industry, you shouldn’t think twice about exhibiting during the event. Setting up an exhibit during the Intermodal Europe event brings its share of advantages for your business: 

  • Make direct sales – There will be over 6,000 attendees at Intermodal Europe, ranging from potential customers and existing clients to old and new business partners that can benefit your brand. A lot of opportunities can arise over three days, and this is your chance to get up close and personal with your target audience.
  • Generate leads – This international exhibit will have people and entities from over 75 countries—all of whom care about supply chain and logistics. This will allow you to target high-quality leads and give your brand an excellent opportunity to build a global consumer base.
  • Brand awareness – Whether you’re a newcomer in the industry or you have been operating for quite some time now, Intermodal Europe is the best place to introduce or reinforce your brand in the logistics scene and gain more industry exposure.
  • Market testing – You can get the collective opinion of your target audience about different things like product innovation and brand positioning by conducting market testing during the event.
  • Launch new products – The event also gives you the time and venue to showcase your latest products and services to people who care about what you have to offer.

Keep an Eye Out for BSL Containers 

BSL Containers is the bag and registration sponsor in the 2019 Intermodal Europe event. With years of experience in the container manufacturing and sales industry, as well as one of the world’s most internationally recognized brands, they are proud to be sponsors again for the big event. 

This will also be an exciting learning opportunity, as you can find out more about the products and services of BSL Containers and know more about their plans in the upcoming year.