When you have many different products to ship to other countries and even within your own country having reliable and dependable shipping containers are essential. It does not matter whether you are shipping products from Nice to Paris or from Paris to New York City—you still need shipping containers that are of high quality and meet ISO (International Standardization Organization). Although there are minimum requirements under domestic and international law, BSL Containers has gone several steps farther in order to ensure their customers have the highest quality containers for their shipping needs.

It is essential when shipping outside of France to make sure your containers are stable to allow the products you are shipping to arrive safely at their destination. It does not matter whether the material is fragile or not—you still want to provide your customer with the highest quality service. If products arrive broken or damaged your customer is not going to be very happy especially if the products were shipped F.O.B. shipping point which means the customer owns the product once it left the shipper’s warehouse. In the event of a liquid substance, it can create a problem if it is a toxic substance. You want to make sure the containers you choose are the right ones for the job you have and that the company providing the containers and shipping your merchandise is aware of both domestic and international regulations for the products you are shipping.

In addition to international regulations regarding shipping containers, France may also have its own regulations for both incoming and outgoing freight. Our company will make certain that anything we deliver meets the regulations of each shipping and destination point so that you do not have to worry about it. While other companies may allow the shipper to decide what containers are best, a good container company will work with the customer to make sure the goods are secure and in the proper size and capacity container to handle each individual job it needs to do. Products leaving France must meet certain international regulations, though the shipper may be aware of those regulations— and so he should be. Sometimes it slips from underneath his thumb thus the container company must take it upon itself to ascertain that all of the paperwork is in order and that the shipper has properly packed his products into the proper containers for international or domestic shipment.

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