How to Load Cargo Containers for Shipping Overseas

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No small feat considering the sheer number of containers being transported and the size of the ships that carry them.

Preparing Cargo Containers for Ocean Shipping

Overseas shipping containers come in various sizes and colors, as well as markings and coding that helps with processing the cargo container during transit. Before your container can set off on its journey, it must be professionally secured on the ship at the port of origin. It will then be unpacked at the port of destination. This is normally the task of specialized warehouses offering loading and unloading services located near the major ocean ports.

How to Lift Shipping Containers

Crane lifting a cargo containerShipping containers weigh in at 5,000 lbs. to more than 22,000 lbs. Lifting such heavy steel containers requires special equipment that’s sturdy enough to handle the weight.

The transfer of cargo containers is handled using industrial lifting slings and shackles. It is a very methodical process to ensure that the contents of the containers are kept safe. These slings and shackles are called “lifting sets.”

Lifting Sets on Offshore Containers

Lifting sets are specially designed for offshore container use. They are usually not removed from the container until it is time for the container to be replaced. It is important to keep in mind, though, that an offshore container that is installed for a long period of time may have the lifting equipment removed during the period in between its transfer.

The slings are attached to what are called the “pad eyes” with the shackles. The shackles are secured closed with shackle bolts to avoid any premature opening of the shackles.

Replacing Lifting Sets on a Shipping Container

When a lifting set on a container has to be replaced, the new set must be made exactly like the original set and it must be certified and marked appropriately. Only those lifting sets that are certified will be able to be used on certified shipping containers.

Ratings and Certification of Industrial Lifting Slings

Overhead lifting and crane slings receive ratings based upon the intended angle of use. The minimum working load limit is also established to ensure that the slings are not used on loads that are heavier than what they can handle. This enhances safety and, being that there are different types of slings, each is going to have its own set of qualifications.

Moving Cargo Containers Internationally

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