Customizing Your BSL Shipping Container

Just like a pickup truck is useful for different applications than a minivan, so too are different containers best for different purposes. That’s why BSL Containers offers a wide variety of customization options.

Exterior and Interior Color Options

ral-color-chartCustomers can pick container colors using either the RAL color chart or the Hempel color chart.

  • RAL is a color-matching system that helps avoid confusion and inconsistencies when matching or mixing colors.
  • Hempel is the epoxy paint system used on all BSL containers; the company is a global, widely used brand in marine painting applications.

Flooring Choices

BSL containers can come with different flooring choices. One option is a polyurethane coating, which provides resistance to corrosion.

A steel floor is another option; because of steel’s durability, it is a good choice for containers that need to last a particularly long time or undergo heavy punishment.

And for a more unique choice, go with bamboo flooring: It’s environmentally friendly because bamboo regrows quickly, can’t rust because it’s wood, and looks great.

Tie Bars and Rails

Tie bars for securing cargoNobody likes it when cargo moves around, which is where tie bars and rails come in to play. The metal rails are welded to the inside walls of the the container container to give customers options when it comes to securing cargo; for instance, tie rails can be used to secure furniture to one side of the container.

Pallet Width

Inside, pallet-wide containers are slightly wider than normal containers so that they can accommodate pallets more efficiently.

In a “normal” container, some pallets need to go one direction while others need to go another; in the end, the pallets are perpendicular to each other. But in a pallet-wide container, the pallets can be vertically parallel with each other, meaning the container can hold many more pallets: 15 instead of the normal 11.

Forklift Pockets

container-fork-lift-pocketsForklift pockets can be particularly useful on containers heading for construction applications or factories, where forklifts abound.

In fact, forklift pockets are not a bad idea to have on any container. They make it easy for forklifts to pick containers up and move them around. Without forklift pockets, moving a container becomes more complicated.

Whether your containers need to be a certain color, hold many pallets, keep your cargo lashed down, have a certain floor type, be forklift-friendly, or some combination of all these features, BSL Containers can create the option that’s right for you.

Contact us today so that we can help you with your container needs!