Custom Shipping Containers For Events

Is It A Ticket Booth, A Bar, A Shop? Yes, It Can Be Any Of Those, Made From A Shipping Container!

When you think of shipping containers, you probably think of big rectangular things loaded onto massive ships or barreling by at the railroad crossing, stacked on train cars.

But what if instead you thought of a bar, a ticket booth, or a store? All of those items can be made from converted shipping containers. As you’ll see below, shipping container conversions can be used to provide mobile structures of almost any kind at events.

Ticket Booths

With flexible sizes and numerous window configurations, containers can serve as ideal ticket booths, no matter how many ticket takers they need to shelter. Awnings can keep ticket buyers protected from the elements while they make their purchase. And once the event is over, the ticket booth can be transported away for re-use somewhere else.

Bars and Beverage Stations

No longer does a bar need a static building to exist. A converted container can hold everything needed for a bar: room for people to mix, serving equipment, electrical outlets, and custom doors for customer and staff access. This is ideal for locations where a bar is desirable but there isn’t one already in place.

A converted container used as a bar on a company’s public relations tour.

Mobile Retail Units

Using a converted container as a mobile retail unit can be an effective way to get products in front of customers, especially at events. An open-sided container provides a lot of space for customers to come in and out of a retail unit and examine goods. Customization–such as company logos–can personalize the container for a business’s branding and promotional needs.

A 40-foot open-sided mobile retail unit.

So the next time you see a steel shipping container, just think of all the purposes it can serve beyond transport and storage, especially at events and traveling trade shows – bars, stores, booths, and more!