Living in a Shipping Container: The Pros and Cons

Soon enough, shipping containers found other uses outside of being merely storage for dry goods, perishable goods, bulk liquids, and other types of products for transit across the globe. Now, the humble shipping container is also known as a dynamic construction material that can be used in building various kinds of structures. Currently, its most common use is for housing.

NPSA Conference & Trade Show 2018

BSL is delighted to announce a sponsorship for NPSA Conference & Trade Show . Event to be held on April 8- 10 2018 at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas. The event promotes learning, business opportunities, networking and camaraderie amongst all participants. It provide an educational programs and facilitates the exchange of ideas between members,…

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Shipping Hazardous Materials

Without safe ways to transport hazardous materials, operations like energy producers and medical facilities would run into trouble. Nearly all industries have to deal with hazardous materials at some point — and that usually means getting it from one place to another. In order to do that safely, protective measures are needed, including specialized shipping…

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