This RAL color chart is for reference only. There may be color deviations on the computer screen, or other device you use to view this website, and in the image.

BSL Standard Container Colors: RAL5010 Blue, RAL9003 White, RAL1015 Beige

Container Interior Color: RAL7035 Light Grey


What is RAL?

The RAL Color Chart is a number system that standardizes colors of coatings and paint to industry specifications. This color matching system is mainly used in Europe and was established in the mid-1920’s in Germany. The RAL Color Chart established a common color language that helped end confusion and inconsistencies when matching or mixing colors.

What does RAL stand for?

The acronym RAL stands for “Reichs-Ausschuss für Lieferbedingungen” and translates to Reichs-committee for delivery conditions.

What is the RAL color chart used for?

The RAL Color Chart system has grown over the years and continues to serve as a good way to define colors used in architecture, manufacturing, construction, road safety and signs, and within the commercial industry. RAL is mainly used for varnish and powder coatings and industrial finishes, such as those used on steel shipping containers. Originally consisting of 40 colors, the RAL Color Chart now offers over 2000 color choices.

What are standard RAL colors for shipping containers?

BSLContainers manufactures shipping containers in any color, according to customer specifications.

BSL standard container colors are blue (RAL5010), white (RAL9003) and beige (RAL1015) with an interior color of light grey (RAL7035). Please review the chart above for more selections.