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40’HC XTAINER Model 3 with 4 Cargo Door on side

Our containers with Extra Cargo Door have the following features:

  • Designed for multipurpose onsite storage and transportation of cargo
  • Easily sorted and accessed without having to unload the cargo from the entire container
  • Side Door with Extra strength extended long handle with innovated anti-slip rubber grip design
  • Ladder on font wall and handle on roof for climbing which makes easier inspection , cleaning & repairing

All BSL containers are manufactured with Corten steel frame, sides, doors, and understructure. All units come with a CSC safe plate and are fit with ventilation & lashing rings. Locking gear height is set per client request.

All our units come with a high security lock box and plywood flooring. They are suitable for carrying a wide variety of cargo and are stackable.

Customizable options are as follows:

  • Wide range of exterior & interior colors
  • Choice of flooring: PU coating, steel, bamboo, hazmat
  • Tie bar & tie rail
  • Forklift pockets
  • Pallet wide
  • One-trip free use shipping

Please contact us for details.

Technical Specifications:

Outside dimensions (m)

Length: 12.192
Width: 2.438
Height: 2.896
Inside dimensions (m)

Length: 12.032
Width: 2.290
Height: 2.651
Weight (kg)

Gross weight: 30,480
Loading: 26,020
Tare: 4,460
Forklift Pockets (m)

Width: 0.360
Height: 0.115
Door opening (m)

Height: 2.538
Width: 2.340
Volume (m3)

Volume: 73
Side Door Opening (m)

Height: 2.495
Width: 2.340