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15' Self Storage Container


Self Storage Containers at LOW COST!  
Width: 8 Feet
Length: 15 Feet
Height: 7.5 Feet
Capacity (lbs): 12,000 lbs.
Container Weight: 3500 lbs.
Capacity: 900 Cubic Feet
Stacking Height: 3 High
Water Proof: Yes
Limited Warranty: One Year Parts
Allows for Ventilation: Yes
Door Type: Double Swinging
Floor Type: 3/16" Diamond Plate
Construction: 22 Gauge Steel
Fork Lift Pockets: Yes
Stackable Height: 3
Replaceable Panels: Yes
Rust Resistant: Yes
Termite and Insect Proof: Yes
Vinyl Cover Required: No
Fire Resistant: Yes

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